The Corporate Website is “Dead”!

If one looks at concepts like IP adoption as a uniform communications transport, growth in broadband, wireless technology, ubiquitous computing, smart mobility devices, geo-location, cloud computing, etc., it shows us that people are able to and will interact with data wherever they are and when ever they are – this is already happening.

This means that the days of only having a corporate website is gone.

We now have to be able to give people what they are looking for,

  • The instant they are looking for it,
  • On whatever platform they want to engage with it,
  • In the format that best suits that platform,
  • And in the context of the time and place of that engagement from that person’s perspective.

This also means that you need a multi-platform strategy because people will move from one to the other based on time, place and context.

On top of that, the experience on any of those platforms should be the same – and it should also be the same experience when they physically interact with the brand; i.e. every touch point with the brand should be the same experience.

The link between mobile platforms and social engagement is also growing continuously closer – increasingly, the one will go with the other.

An example will be where one would do place profiling.

This means layering of temporal data (like weather and traffic), census data, demographics and psychographics, CRM, and aggregate mobile usage data, etc. on to a specific place or space. This will enable “rich picturing” of a place or space which is dynamic, and which can be used for the delivery of relevant information in the context of space and time.

Near field communication (NFC) and geo-fencing are good example of this.

This also means that the link between the real world and digital data is getting ever closer with technologies like augmented reality, radio frequency identification (RFID), near field communications (NFC), etc.

The interplay between search and social is increasing dramatically with concepts such as universal search and real time search, which is further complicated by technologies such as augmented realty, which taps into those rich data pools to overlay information onto the real world experience.

Integrated brand strategy therefore becomes critical for share of voice optimisation.

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