Marketing for start-ups

Rule No.1 in marketing:

Hire insanely great people!


Rule No.2 in marketing:

Spend more (money), and more time on current clients than on acquiring new clients!


Retain current customers

The new start-up may not have any clients, so how do you get “retain” people?

  • Have you done other business with people that may also be interested in this product?
  • Do you know people you have done business with that know people that might need your product?
  • Do you frequent events, functions and similar where the attendees may need your product?

The established start-up has customers already.

Instead of trying to do discounts, do proper pricing and focus on putting the margins you would have lost back by giving discounts back into real added value for your current clients.

Know your clients in detail so that you know how to add value to them and their business continuously – even if what you give them is not your core business!

Get happy clients to talk to each other and thereby emphasising amongst themselves that they have made a great choice in using you.

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