The IABC Africa’s 13th Annual Conference – 9 – 11 October 2006

The IABC Africa’s 13th Annual Conference

The IABC Africa’s 13th Annual Conference from 9-11 October 2006 was held at Maropeng, which was a stunning venue. The theme for this year was; “Communication through the ages and beyond” – very cool, very topical and just up Quirk’s ally thank you very much.


I therefore used the opportunity provided to Quirk eMarketing by Sophia of Words’Worth to talk about Social Networks, Social Media, WebPR and ORM – thanks Sophia, I am sure we will here more from you in future – it was great meeting you in person.


Unfortunately I could only attend part of the second day, I would dearly have loved to be there for both days as there were some wonderful people there and the venue is stunning, apparently their were also some opposing views, damn – that might have been a good “conversation”


Also big thanks to SORTED! the event specialists; and in particular; Jacqui van Basten and Carly Wilson, as well as Brenda Kennedy and Tertia Dafel of IABC Africa, you guys rock and are super organised! APPLAUSE


To  all the other people I briefly met, thank you, I wish I had more time to get to know you.


And then also to Dennis Becket, it was a privilege to meet you, you are a fantastic communicator and definitely need a Blog – you have so much you can ad to the conversation.

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