The Buzz: elements of word of mouth marketing

In his book “The Anatomy of Buzz: Creating Word-of-Mouth Marketing“, Emanuel Rosen writes about elements needed to create buzz (word of mouth). 2 Stand out for me, energy andcredibility.

Energy for me relates to 2 primary things again, the first being the innate energy or power of a product, service, idea or person – which compels people to take notice, the second being themomentum that is generated as an idea takes hold and the ripple moves outward.

Credibility also has 2 primary aspects that stand out for me (there are more elements to both though).

Initial credibility normally starts with the product, services, idea or person – how it looks, is perceived, the who, what, where, etc. for example, the credibility of a new Nokia phone as compared to say a mobile phone built by a new company in Zimbabwe.

The second aspect of credibility for me, relates to the word of mouth aspect thereof, this being the credibility assigned to the message because of the nature of the message carrier, i.e. someone known and trustworthy – friends, family, experts or authority figures, etc.

In all of this however, there is one universal truth – perception rules, it does not matter if someone is a total idiot, if you trust them, there is a strong likelihood that you will take there word above someone else’s when it comes to WOM.

listen who you talk to…

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