This is my personal website as Jaco Meiring and does not reflect opinions of any organisation or individual that I work with.  I have been practicing in Internet related stuff since 1997.  I have worked on both the agency and the corporate side as an online marketer and digital strategist.

My areas of interest and application include, digital marketing, eMarketing, mobility and social engagement as well as integrated marketing where digital link with print, television, radio, billboards and other off-line marketing channels in order to create more engaging communication across channels.

Before the “.Com bomb” I used to work with some Ad agencies (because their clients wanted a “website” – I put “website” in brackets because some of them are still live from 1999 – 2003 (web development was not a “job” then and I did it after hours in my loft, yes, strangely I was not in some dark basement eating pizza while coding) and the websites we built back then are truly shocking against today’s standards, but I guess that’s where we are now with things like Social Media; now people say: “I heard that we should be on social media, can you like put us there?” Yes I can, but sometimes I won’t, because it’s not right for you, but that’s another discussion (hopefully with a glass of red wine).

The specific areas of interest to me include search engine optimisation (SEO), pay-per-click (PPC) advertising, online media (banners and rich media), e-mail marketing, mobility as a communications and engagement platform, social media and social networks as a vehicle for social engagement for individuals and organisations, WebPR, online reputation management (ORM) and online reputation strategy (ORS), digital branding, analytics and digital research as well as conversion optimisation, which would include landing page optimisation (LPO).

And then there are of course some seriously cool new/”emerging” things happening in the digital space that is seriously exciting!!! But more on this later. PS (did you notice I said “seriously” twice, yes, you thought I did it by mistake, well I didn’t!).

I am also fascinated by human behaviour (I studied psychology, but maybe that was more to understand my own weirdness, it did however give me a great foundation for marketing to human beings, which of course is who we are trying to reach when we market – by the way, if you are doing marketing to look good, you will not sell much, just saying) I believe that marketing is about people. Marketing deals with triggers that motivates behaviour and not bullet points in a marketing book telling you how to do a SWOT analysis, or as in some instances, the white paper on best practices that you found via Google. Think about it this way, if someone has written a white paper about something, they have already done it, and so have many other people, including the other million people that downloaded the white paper – you will only look cool to the 3 or 4 cronies around you who also don’t know what they are doing (ok, so I am opinionated, take a tablet and get over it). White papers and research documents are good to keep up to date with things, but think before you implement please.

I headed up digital marketing at Investec, while based in South Africa, for five years and six months where I had the privilege of working with some amazing people and some truly great agencies – we did some freaking amazing stuff, thank you people, you know who you are – I love you all for you awesomeness and passion, keep doing what you do!!!

Before Investec I was a part of the Quirk eMarketing team, both as an eMarketing strategist and as Regional Manager for Gauteng, (also in South Africa). I learnt a lot at Quirk and also worked with some exceptional people there.

Marketing and specifically digital marketing is not a job for me, it is my passion and digital is a lifestyle – I am always online!

This is my personal site where I write about marketing and digital stuff and I say things as they are – if you don’t like it, start your own website and complain there, just kidding, you can send me a letter to PO Box 3964, Dainfern, 2055 (no, really, send me a letter, I don’t mind at all) – or find me on any of the social media channels (just Google me) – for example, hook me up on Twitter and tell me what you think, we all love a good discussion on how to save the world and make better toast.

There are hamsters in my house (on purpose), I suspect they are plotting something, but have no proof. They of course have minions doing their bidding.

Live long and prosper.

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